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Night Owl

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Owl "Night"

Interpretation of the “Mysterious Owl” in the dark night colors. This bird was drawn by an artist and transferred to natural silk by means of digital printing. The shades that were used in this composition are: deep brown, black, aquamarine, yellow and white.

The size of the product is 200х65 cm. Each neckerchief is packed in a Zlitay branded box. Shawls are available in two types of natural silk.

Difference between 2 types of natural silk:

Silk satin – matte smooth surface, light to the touch. In daylight, it gives almost no radiance. Under the light of lamps – there is a small shine.

Silk Shine – A glossy noble shine, it is also present in daylight, in the light of lamps – the radiance is enhanced. Heavier and more structural than Silk Satin, the surface with roughness due to the weaving of the thread.

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Weight1000 g
Dimensions28 × 28.5 × 5.5 cm

200 × 65 cm


Silk Satin, Silk Shine