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Mysterious Owl

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The Mysterious Owl

There are no indifferent people to this amazing creation. Mysterious, beautiful and exceptional. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and a companion of the goddess Athena.

This owl was created and hand-drawn with paints, and then transferred to natural silk by means of high-quality digital printing. When choosing a gift, you should definitely look at the option of Mysterious Owl, because this shawl has a unique character and individuality.

The size of the product is 200х65 cm. Each neckerchief is packed in a Zlitay branded box. Shawls are available in two types of natural silk.

Difference between 2 types of natural silk:

Silk satin – matte smooth surface, light to the touch. In daylight, it gives almost no radiance. Under the light of lamps – there is a small shine.

Silk Shine – A glossy noble shine, it is also present in daylight, in the light of lamps – the radiance is enhanced. Heavier and more structural than Silk Satin, the surface with roughness due to the weaving of the thread.

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Weight1000 g
Dimensions28 × 28.5 × 5.5 cm

Silk Satin, Silk Shine


200 × 65 cm